Alquiler de Aulas Virtuales

Recomendaciones de Hardware

Aunque la velocidad va a depender mucho de la línea de internet desde donde se esté accediendo, es necesario tener en cuenta algunas especificaciones mínimas en cuanto al equipo y programas necesarios para el desarrollo normal del curso.


  • Pentium III 500 Mhz con 256 Mb de RAM como mínimo.
  • 1.5 GB de espacio disponible en el disco duro
  • Adaptador y monitor de vídeo Super VGA (800 × 600) o de mayor resolución


  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Shockwave Player
  • Adobe Reader

Recomendaciones para el estudio

El estudio a distancia demanda mayor dedicación y disciplina de parte del estudiante, factores que se constituyen en un momento dado, en la clave del éxito. En este sentido es recomendable:

  • Revisar cuidadosamentelas guías de cada curso las mismas que contienen al detalle el desarrollo de cada unidad, las actividades y la calendarización de las mismas.
  • Revisar cuidadosamente los materiales de estudio y evaluar las actividades de aprendizaje que se deben realizar.
  • Establecer una programación juiciosa que incluya tiempos de lectura, de investigación, de interacción a través del aula virtual, desarrollo y revisión de actividades de aprendizaje, entre otros.
  • Establecer horarios de estudio regulares, de acuerdo con la disponibilidad personal y velar por su cumplimiento.
  • Al momento de empezar el estudio deberá tener a la mano todos los materiales necesarios: Guía de aprendizaje y Texto. Estos mismos los puede encontrar en formato digital en el aula virtual.
  • Implementar métodos de lectura y de conceptualización (mapas conceptuales, cuadros sinópticos, esquemas, etc.) que faciliten la asimilación de conocimientos.
  • En la medida de lo posible, establecer grupos de estudio que sirvan de soporte y apoyo tanto en el plano académico como personal.

8 Points for Scribbling an Exam Manuscripts

Justify the Question.

Aforementioned is the very initial together with uttermost influential approach. Resolving the inaccurate query happens to be the common mistake performed completely is students. Disastrously, this might turn into the authentic collapse for a grade you obtain on an assessment. Find out you know the thing the auditor wishes; it is recommended to indicate back to the question completely around a report. This point might sound very alike describing the clear; but, in my personal experience, responding to the false query appears to be a largest root of the unsatisfying test result.

Acceptable Presentation.

In the introduction to the paper a student should offer the compressed, succinct abridgment of a main mark to talk about. In case that it is appropriate, you could clarify key concepts. Openings get wrong when college students move in the direction of too many parts, and then restate their arguments in the primary part of the document. Mainly speaking, there are desirable to begin with small sentences, sooner than complicated structures. The one in question will collaborate to make a brightness of understanding along with the reason.

Composition Blueprint.

A plan is able to aid in order to gather your thoughts, and make sure you don't overlook to discuss vital reasons. Previously mentioned is the chance to analyze the thing you realize concerning the affair. After all, this is important not to look through too many key points - scribbling major words along with slogans are magnificent answer. It is suggested donating 5% to 10% applied minutes for inventing the manuscript introduction.

4 Stages of a Dispute.

The basic procedure has to be a original statement and an theme; this very element examines your awareness. An extra move is to explain your statement. Do not neglect you need to explain in affinity to the matter. Also, simply because you understand a report is evident, doesn't anticipate you can prevent bringing this physically lower. The third action is to glance at the question together with significant range. This thing is a possibility to name why the conservative assertion can appear incorrect or scant. It is the chance to present one can determine simply by yourself, sooner than only recall the agenda of characteristics. Previously mentioned ending stage, mentioned as inquiry or interpretation, is most ambitious things, on the other hand is needed to recognize a highest grade. I compose it along with Commerce in thought, yet, I am confident it is suitable to different concepts along.


At the closure the student must scale up the entire other arguments and determine which one is the most powerful and utmost compatible. A decision has to struggle to include anything advanced, instead of only to repeat past aspects. For example, you are capable of say the reason why an debate is principally mighty and furthermore, provide explanation.

What Many Simply To Write?

Personally, I generally get requested aforementioned questioning by students. Very huge quantity of university students will create one side and then drop, practically in middle of the thought, for the sake of university students expect that this expects that they have finished. There is no honorable result as to how large text a college student should scrawl. A valuable concept is to write as enough as one is capable of during the given moment, but, merely scrawl about the fact that is significant. Despite the fact that it is legitimate quality appears to be much more significant apart of size, don't absolutely try to succeed a conservative trait and scrawl as very slight as viable. Largely speaking, if they compose additionally one have got a better chance of receiving extra signs athwart.

Whether the author answers the question?

Feasibly the author did not leave it until the end of an explanation to comprehend that the university student responded the unacceptable issue.

The article is written and prepared by Daisey Hurdle - a writer and co owner of - an academic web project that assists international students all the way through their educational process.


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